carros-caves-artiumHistory of Celler Cooperatiu d’Artés

The history of over a century of history is made and shared by hundreds of men and women who have respected the sense of effort, perseverance and solidarity, which have always prevailed in the general interest Celler Cooperatiu d’Artés over the particular interest.


Products from our wine cellar

Our warehouse can find white, rosé, red, sparkling and sweet wine Designation of Origin Pla del Bages, with which you can enjoy a world of sensations, if we made a visit to our warehouse, we will show the process of making wine and cava.

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Enjoy a day in the vineyards and barrels, port visit our vineyards and we will show the process of the grapes from the vineyard to the winery and cellar preparing to convert all the different types of grape wines or caves, making a tour of the winery and tasting ends of different varieties.

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  • Val-regal 05 Dec

    Gift Certificates

    Gift voucher for two people. The val includes guided tour with tasting wines and champagnes 7 products accompanied by proximity. Lasted 2 hours.

  • Lot-Nadal-14 04 Dec

    Lots of Christmas

    We have available in our shop Lots of Christmas to give to your family, friends, employees of the company or get a gift. We have a wide assortment, chosen for

  • Raim picapoll 17 Sep

    Picapoll grapes to eat!

    We have picapoll to eat! Take it that this only happens a few weeks a year. This is the type picapoll “breast nun“

  • Eno-turisme Caves Artium . Artés 16 Sep

    Come Discovering the Eno-Tourism

    Come discover the Eno-Tourism hand Caves Artium and can enjoy everything that refers to the world of wine and cava.

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Caves Artium

Carrer Rocafort, 44

08271 – Artés

Tel. 93 830 53 25


Monday to Friday from 9-13 of 16-20 h.

Saturdays from 9-13 of 17-20 h.

Sundays from 11-13 h.

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