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The Winery

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In determining that the union was able to celebrate a century of life is found, no doubt, 10th January to 1908, when a group of farmers from Artés can request the first statutes to constitute the Agricultural Union of Artés. They were believed in teamwork, management and democratically managed and shared, and soon completely voluntary, were involved in a commitment to active participation, taking them all together the economic and social risks.

The history of one century is the shared history and made hundreds of men and women who have always respected the feelings of effort, solidarity and perseverance, have always prevailed and that the general interest of the above the cooperative interest.

All members are one big family and our project is sitting on a solid foundation: the value of a team


Vi d'una sola nit

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És la darrera novetat del celler Cooperatiu d'Artés. Un rosat de fermentació alcohòlica parcial, elaborat amb sirà de vinyes experimentals. Es presenta en ampolles de 37,50 cl. Té aromes de fruita i una dolçor equilibrada, és fresc i persistent. Se l'anomena vi d'una sola nit, que és el temps que ha passat macerant el most flor. Com el seu company de collita el Rosat sec, és un vi jove, lleuger i, fins i tot sec, pensat per a un públic més jove. Els rosats són una bona opció per acompanyar els àpats d'estiu de receptes lleugeres pizzes, truites, pasta...

Article de la revista Cuina nº 134



A little history

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The winemaking tradition of Celler Cooperatiu d'Artés is an ancestral heritage that has been passed from father to son through the course of history. Years dedicated to carefully studing a unique climate and soil have led to the creation of a distinctive personality and style in grape-growing and winemaking.

This winery, founded in 1908 with the name "Sindicat Agrícola d'Artés", markets its products both in Spain and abroad under the brands Artium and Lluís Guitart.

With the passing of the years, the Celler Cooperatiu d'Artés has become a hallmark for tradition and quality both near and far.

In 1929, a number of the winery's products were exhibited at the Barcelona International Trade Fair, where they were awarded the Gold Medal and Diploma of Honour.

In 1031, the winery started to sell all of the wines made by each grower under the label "wine of Artés". The success achieved in this venture enabled it to build the present winery buildings in 1935.

In 1940, the Celler Cooperatiu d'Artés brought the first sparkling wine (cava) bottles to the Spanish market, becoming Spain's first "cava" cooperative.

The 84 founder partners grew to 1.034 in a series of stages, attaining a peak grape output for winemaking of 5 million kilograms in 1963.

Since 1982, the cooperative's members have been converting their vineyards to the trellised vine system and planting new varieties.

This join project, assisted by highly qualified personnel, seeks to achieve a very special goal: Ensure optimal quality in the making, aging ang bottling of their wines and "cavas".

So, official approval of the appellation "Pla de Bages" in 1995 is merely the deserved recognition of all those years of effort and devotion.

Welcome to Celler Cooperatiu d'Artés! We invite you to visit us on-line and hope to see you very soon.


La Nostra Botiga

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Botiga del Celler Cooperatiu d'ArtésAmb l'objectiu de donar a conèixer els productes més autèntics i de millor qualitat del territori, a la nostra botiga hi trobareu productes recomanats i originals, sempre amb els millors consells i amb molt d'entusiasme perquè us emporteu el més bo de la nostra terra.

Els nostres productes de la terra, entre d'altres, són:

  • Oli de primera premsada
  • Patata de la Cerdanya
  • Mel del Bages
  • Verdures de cultiu ecològic de temporada
  • Fruites i verdures d'Artés i comarca
  • Fruits secs d'Artés
  • Ous de gallines satisfetes
  • Terra i adobs orgànics
  • Làctics artesanals de la comarca
  • Fuets i llangonisses de la zona
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